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Today will be a short post where we review the project structure of our sample project.

  • WarpCoreTechnologies.Activities
    • This is an “Activity Library” project used to hold our Workflows and custom activities.
    • Having a shared activity library allows us to reuse these components in multiple places such as a website or WPF project.
  • WarpCoreTechnologies.Database
    • This is our database project. It will be used primarily for storing configuration and Workflow settings. We want to version control our database schema and will be using DACPACs as part of our deployment. Robb Schiefer has a great post on using MSDeploy to deploy a database project.
      • We set it up using the “SQL Server Database” project type.
  •  WarpCoreTechnologies.OrderProcessing
    • This is our main service and will be the consumer of our workflows.
    • We set it up using the “WCF Workflow Service Application” project type.
    • This will create a new project with a placeholder “XAMLX” file as your endpoint.
  • WarpCoreTechnologies.WorkflowEditor
    • This is a WPF application that we will use to demonstrate the rehosted designer capabilities of Workflow Foundation.
  • WarpCoreTechnologies.Tests
    • At the heart of our system will be unit and integration tests.
    • This is a standard “MSTest” Unit Test project.

This is the last tutorial “foundation” post, in the next post we will begin writing our first Workflow to handle order validation!

Here is a link to the release in GitHub that corresponds to this part in the tutorial.


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