When many people hear Microsoft and open source they may think that it’s a contradiction in terms but the new Microsoft has jumped into open source head first! And the best part is they aren’t doing like some companies do open source and simply make annual code dumps onto a public repo. They do open source the right way and engage with the community, solicit support and accept pull requests.

Recently, I came across the thread for porting Workflow Foundation (one of my favorite technologies!) to .NET Core. I really want to see WF ported to .NET Core as it would serve to make WF a more powerful tool in the developer toolbox. If you love WF and want to help drive it’s development please consider leaving a comment on the thread. It can be as simple as letting the team and the community know how you’re using WF or it can be technical and get into the nitty gritty details of implementation.

[Contribution] Port Workflow Foundation to CoreFx/CoreCLR · Issue #2394 · dotnet/corefx

Hello, I don’t see in the plans neither here and coreCLR for porting Workflow Foundation for CoreCLR… We want know how can we start porting it and add PRs for it here. Thanks

Another thread to check out is porting System.Xaml to .NET Core. This is really a necessary step to getting Workflow in .NET Core but XAML also brings with it many other opportunities and would be very beneficial to replace the limited version of XAML that UWP currently uses.

Port System.Xaml to .NET Core · Issue #5766 · dotnet/corefx

Filed as a result of the discussion in #2394. Note: this doesn’t represent a commitment from us to open source System.Xaml or to even port it to .NET Core — it’s simply capturing the community re…

Microsoft has committed to Open Source. Now we must make our voices heard and take ownership of these fantastic products and work to make them better each and every day.

Blake Helms

Blake Helms is a .NET Software Development Manager for EBSCO Industries, a global company with businesses in a range of industries including Information Services, Publishing and Digital Media, Outdoor Products, Real Estate, Manufacturing and Distribution, and Business Services, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. There he is responsible for several core business applications and has been a driver for software craftsmanship and creating a culture that promotes mentorship and continuous improvement. He is also the cofounder of the Birmingham .NET Meetup with a mission to promote good development practices and .NET technologies in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Blake is incredibly passionate about technology in all areas from writing code for work, to audio/video production for his church to automating his home.